Nightly News…with Kittens

lpbbzkgvicxh7qoztbvfI have a confession to make: I don’t watch the news.

It’s a little odd that I feel guilty about that, as if watching the news is the only way to stay on top of current events in this age of online media. But I think it’s ingrained into every American that watching the news is an important thing to do.

I watch The Daily Show. I used to say, “I get my news from The Daily Show,” but let’s be honest: Sure, I learn a few things from The Daily Show (and now Last Week Tonight). But I watch it to be entertained, not to get news.

However, staying in theme with yesterday’s post about Japan, I recently learned about a serious news show in Japan that features a real, live kitten.

“Features” is a strong word, because the show isn’t about kittens. It’s a current affairs program with politicians as the guests. It just happens that there’s a kitten on set (and often on camera, as these photos suggest).

It goes without saying that I would watch this show. It’s brilliant. Combine a series show with the cutest creature alive (okay, that would be my niece. It would be weird to see her toddling around a nightly news show. But heck yeah I would watch it!), and isn’t it immediately more watchable?

Think of a dry news program. What creature would you add to it to make it instantly watchable?

3 thoughts on “Nightly News…with Kittens”

  1. I like kittens, but I’m going in a different direction with my answer.

    I want Hoda and Kathie Lee to do their segment on the Today Show on some kind of platform with a moat around it that contains hungry sharks. It would really raise the stakes when they get tipsy and wobble around in their high heels.

    I would also like some kind of sleeping lion or maybe a honey badger on the set of The View. It will wake up and attack them whenever they get too loud and start talking over one another. They go through so many hosts anyway that it wouldn’t make a difference.


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