Pet Please #118: The Raised Ridges on the F and J Keyboard Letters

Biddy takes up a lot of desk space.
Biddy takes up a lot of desk space.

Today is Thanksgiving, so it makes sense that my post would be a pet please. It’s a good day to reflect on the big things in my life that mean a lot to me, as well as the little things that make my life better.

Lately one of my cats, Biddy, has found it very important to lay on my desk between me and my keyboard. I continue working whenever he does this–it’s actually kind of nice once he picks a spot.

But I can’t see the keyboard at all when Biddy’s in position. I have no way of knowing if my fingers are on the right keys until I start typing.

Fortunately, like most modern keyboards, the F and J keys have that little ridge that says, “Hey, index fingers! Over here!”

It’s the tiniest design touch, but it makes such a great impact, and not just for cat people. Those little ridges mean that you never have to look at your keyboard when your hands reach for it. Which I would bet is hundreds of times a day for anyone who works at computer.

So yeah, today I’m thankful for friends, family, backers, cats, and those raised ridges on the F and the J. What little design touch are you thankful for today?

4 thoughts on “Pet Please #118: The Raised Ridges on the F and J Keyboard Letters”

  1. The design detail I’m thankful for today is the little elastic loop on the inside of a fleece jacket I own. The little loop is for holding the cord on a pair of headphones (and keeping the cord inside of the jacket), which was extremely helpful this morning when I realized I forgot to charge my wireless headphones and wanted to get in an early workout before a food filled day. With the little loop, I was able to use a regular pair of headphones keeping the cord safely tucked away, and didn’t have to worry about accidentally snagging the cord on anything.

  2. Those keys have ridges!? *Check all keyboards in the house* They do! And I just noticed the very slight ridges on my laptop.

    I’m thankful for…
    The little breakers on all zippers, so you won’t over zip. The bra strap holders in sleeveless dresses, so ladies don’t have to worry about their bra strap showing while dancing. The aglets of shoelaces, so threading your new shoes or giving your shoes new laces is not a frustrating thing.

    And cakes, cupcakes, curry, mochi, ice cream, pizza, soups, coffee, tea, milk, and I guess friends and family, and cute furry animals.


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