The Best (and Weirdest) Gif I’ve Ever Seen

I’m still not a big fan of gifs (I want to pause them so badly!), but I have to share this with you. You’re not even reading this paragraph, are you? You’re already watching the gif. I could say anything I want right now and you’d have no idea. I used to eat peanut-butter pickle sandwiches when I was a kid! It’s physically impossible for me to water ski! I prefer to be the little spoon when cuddling in bed! Sentences that will never be read because you’re too busy watching dogs do 1980s-style aerobics. As you should be.

All I can say is this: Watch the dogs’ faces. That’s the key. They’re so serious!

I’ve been laughing out loud for the last 5 minutes since discovering this. Japan, you’re the best.

Credit to Dorkly for finding this and other amazing gifs from Japan.

10 thoughts on “The Best (and Weirdest) Gif I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. This. Is. Disturbing. And that dog on the right who keeps looking at the instructor skipped a class or two. She’s off a bit. I just realized they are lifting with bones. That instructor. Those “muscles”. So weird!

    • Jasmin: Yeah, the instructor’s legs are really weird. But one of the shots shows that it’s just padding. I don’t know why they had the instructor wear padding like that.

      • Make it stop! Please! *Crying* I dreamt about this last night as this read the post for giggles before bed. It haunted my dreams and it might do it again!

  2. What a horribly wonderful thing! They should show this .gif in schools and tell children, “This is what runs through your head when you do drugs, children. Don’t do drugs!”

    Also, did you mean “water ski” instead of “jet ski”? Hopefully you’d be able to ride a jet ski…but I’ve seen you try to water ski, and I’d have to agree with the physically impossible sentiment.

    • Trev: That’s awesome…I did mean water ski, and I’ve since revised it. It’s funnier if I’m somehow unable to jet ski, though.

  3. This is hauntingly addictive. I’ve already added my thoughts, but I’ve not left the page. I just keep noticing different aspects of this most unusual sequence.

  4. Part of me wishes I could un-see this gif, but at the same time I can’t stop watching it. I can’t think of any other gifs that even come close to being so weird and still strangely addicting. Thanks for sharing!


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