The Curious Case of the Dentist and the Popcorn

I’m in a quandary. Two quandaries, really.

The first involves my dentist; specifically, my hygienist. I’ve been going to the same dentist for about 8 years now, and I consider it a pleasant experience because my hygienist (Sherry) is so awesome. She doesn’t plow through my mouth during cleanings–she’s gentle, quick, and says nice things about my flossing habits. She makes what could be a dreadful experience rather nice.

Sherry is leaving.

I found this out today at my 6-month cleaning. She was offered a job with more hours by a nearby dental office, and she starts there in 2 weeks.

Here’s the twist: I really like my current dentist. He’s quite possibly the best dentist I’ve ever had. Like Sherry, he’s gentle but quick, and he really knows his stuff. He even checks for things like jaw issues and mouth cancer.

So my quandary is, do I stick with the dentist, or do I stick with the hygienist?


My other quandary is less important…or maybe more important than any question ever asked. It’s also dental related.

Two days ago I went to see Interstellar at the Hi Pointe Theater in St. Louis. It’s a one-screen local theater with the best theater popcorn at half the price of big chains. So, as any sane person would do, I take my leftover popcorn home after seeing a movie there.

Eating popcorn the day before a dental cleaning isn’t a great idea because my gums were extra sensitive, but at the same time it was kind of great, because Sherry got out all of the kernels that my intense regimen of brushing and flossing could not.

Here’s the twist: I still have leftover popcorn. And I really, really want to eat it.

So what do I do? Do I undo Sherry’s hard work and eat the popcorn? Or do I take a stand and resist the temptation?

These are real questions, and I need real answers. I can handle the truth!

6 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Dentist and the Popcorn”

  1. It sounds like both your dentist and hygienist are awesome, so it’s a tough choice to make! I understand about not wanting to make a change concerning dental care (I’ve only gone to one dentist my entire life and he’s pretty amazing, with an example of opening his office on a Sunday for my mom a few years back to perform an emergency crown repair), so what about a compromise of sorts? Stick with your current dentist for the next 6 month check up and cleaning to see if the new hygienist is as great as Sherry, but if not, then change dentists to follow your favorite hygienist… Or before the next cleaning with the new person, have a conversation expressing your concern that they try to be extra gentle with your popcorn ravaged gums.

  2. Stick with Katy’s plan for the dentist/hygienist. As for the popcorn, perhaps Stonemaier Games should invest in a full-time, live-in dental hygienist? I’m sure you could justify it in the budget. Make Sherry an offer she can’t refuse, then you not only could eat popcorn every day and be refreshingly clean-mouthed, but you’d find an answer to not losing either Sherry or the unnamed dentist (we’ll call him “Juan Pablo” for the sake of argument).

  3. As far as the second question is concerned, Sherry would want you to be happy. Live on the edge and eat that popcorn, Jamey. Do it for Sherry. Reach for the stars.


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