The Pickle Request

Last night I received a puzzling e-mail from a complete stranger. Here’s a screenshot of it from my phone:


Think about that for a minute. Perhaps post your thoughts in the comments before continuing.

I read the e-mail a dozen times, and I couldn’t figure it out.

So I did what anyone would do: I sent the person a photo of a jar of pickles with one out on the side:


The person wrote back to me a few hours later:

No the one that has the whole pickles in a jar with one standing up against the jar on the outside.

The part of me that finds extreme levels of joy in humorous mysteries was going full blast at this point. So I was almost a little sad to read the last sentence of that e-mail:

I saw it on your blog.

With that one line, the mystery was no more. It wasn’t a case of mistaken identity between me and renowned pickle photographer Jamey Steggoomer…no, it was a misunderstanding about my use of a random Google Image on this blog entry.

Alas. So close. I was ready to ride this one out to the fullest, including going to the grocery store to buy a jar of pickles solely to take artistic photos of them for this person. It would have been magical.

8 thoughts on “The Pickle Request”

  1. hi jamey,

    is there any way i can get a 8 1/2 X 11 of you and you’re cat. i have a…uh…’friend’ who could use that. but he won’t pay for it. please let me know.


  2. HAHAHA! That was hilarious! It even funnier since its a jar of pickles, how random is that! Also, I totally emphasize with your disappointment after now knowing what they were asking for. The mystery is part of the fun!

  3. It’s a little sad that the mystery was solved so quickly… But what’s stopping you from starting a photography project of artistic pickles? Who knows, maybe your pickle photography will take off and become the “next big thing” on the Internet, surpassing even the popularity of cute kitten photos online…


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