My Greatest Fear #51: When You Accidentally Adjust a Setting in Your Car but Can’t Figure Out What You Changed

this is not a photo of my hand

this is not a photo of my hand

This happened to me, and it can happen to you.

I was driving back from the grocery store today and needed to turn on my turn signal, which is done in my car (a Camry) by pressing down on the lever to the left of the steering wheel.

However, my hand clumsily knocked into the turn signal lever. I think I pushed it forward, and it snapped into a position I’ve never seen it in before.

I quickly readjusted it back to what I thought was the original position, but the odd thing was that nothing seemed to change. There were no indicator lights on my dashboard to tell me that I had reverted back to the original position.

So I started to doubt that the handle was in the original position. Maybe I took it too far–maybe the original bump knocked it from the incorrect position to the correct position.

I spent the next few minutes driving and pushing the lever back and forth, trying to see what it was adjusting. For the life of me I could not see or feel any difference. But it was definitely in two different positions.

For all I know, I was driving down the road flashing lights I didn’t even know existed–there was no discernible difference inside the car.

And now I have to live my life not knowing while setting is correct because I don’t know what has changed, nor do I know the original position of the handle. This is a terrifying proposition. I may have to sell the car because of this.

Have you ever had this happen? Did you ever figure out what changed and what the original setting was?