Two Brilliant Ad Campaigns

Today I saw some articles about two particularly awesome ad campaigns happening right now.

The first is from Geico. So, you know when you’re ready to watch a YouTube video and an ad starts playing, and after 5 seconds you can click the “skip ad” button? You’re not alone–research indicates that 94% of people skip the ad when given the option.

The Martin Agency (working for Geico) sought to stop that from happening. Watch how they do it:

Is the ad good at selling Geico insurance? I’m not so sure. But the concept made me want to watch the full ad, which is very rare.

The second campaign is a little more nuanced, but I really got a kick out of it. To promote the upcoming movie “Unfinished Business,” Vince Vaughn and crew posed for stock photos like the ones you see all over the internet.


The whole concept definitely makes me want to see the movie more than I did before.


Which of these ad campaigns do you like the most?

9 thoughts on “Two Brilliant Ad Campaigns”

    • I wonder how they got the dog to go up on the table–I’m guessing that most dogs are trained not to do that, so he must have been really confused when they told him to get up there.

  1. That Geico ad is brilliant. I laughed, watched the whole thing and then watched it again. I’m not going to buy house insurance from them but the name will stick in my head (that’s half the point right? brand recognition). I always enjoy seeing smart marketing rather than just brute-force advertising. Well done Geico marketing team.


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