Walter’s 4th or 8th-ish Birthday

For some reason when I got Walter as a pet for Biddy a few years ago, I thought he was about a year old. I arbitrarily picked a birthday for him (today), and I’ve celebrated it as such ever since. Thus by my calendar, Walter turns 4 today.

However, a trip to the vet last fall to update Walter’s shots revealed that Walter might actually be more than twice as old as I thought–we found some paper work indicating that his birthday may be November 9, 2006.

I had been celebrating Walter’s birthday on March 9, so I didn’t want to confuse him by changing things up. So today will continue to be the day that I honor the fuzzy little guy on the blog with these recent photos:

digging through his toy chest
one of the few times Walter and Biddy have come close to snuggling
the tabletop is Biddy’s territory, so Walter hangs out below
Walter looks like he has some dark deeds in the works. Do not cross this cat.

Now that I’ve shared these, I’ve realized that all of my recent Walter photos include Biddy as well. I think that speaks both to Biddy’s desire to always be near me and of my favoritism towards Biddy. Walter’s a good boy too, though.

Happy birthday, Walter!


1 thought on “Walter’s 4th or 8th-ish Birthday”

  1. *squeal* They are touching each other while sleeping! Such good cats. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Walter!

    I think that last photo is of Walter pondering if he should pounce or not on Biddy for some fun. Not that dark for a deed… Well, maybe a little with his claws and all.


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