What Do You Drink with Dinner?

milkA few weeks ago I attended a small dinner party. The hosts asked what each of the guests wanted to drink, so I requested what I always drink with dinner: A glass of milk (and a glass of juice, but I didn’t want to ask for too much).

The hosts seemed bewildered by the request. “You drink milk?”

I replied that of course I drink milk. I’ve had a glass of milk with every dinner my entire life. I assumed that’s what most people drink with dinner.

But one by one, the other guests confirmed that they never drank milk with dinner. In fact, few of them drink milk at all. They use it for cereal, but that’s it.

This is fascinating to me. Milk is such a staple dinner drink that I really had never considered that other people drink different things with dinner. This is what we drank in my family. In college I had a glass of milk in those oversized translucent plastic cups. Even in Japan, where milk is super expensive, I bought and drank milk every night. I’ve always had milk with dinner. How else do you get your calcium and vitamin D?

But this changes everything. I need to reframe my entire worldview. So help me out and tell me in the poll below what you drink with dinner. I need to know.