A Cupcake a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

s517638595557816511_p6_i1_w1600If you’ve come to this blog post hoping for me to cite a scientific study resulting in an FDA-approved message that eating one cupcake every 24 hours is good for your health…you’re in luck!

Just kidding. Of course cupcakes are bad for you. But after a brief dessert-free stint, I’ve decided that I’d rather participate in a life where I can make cupcakes and put them in my mouth as I wish.

So yes, if you’ve been following this blog (specifically this entry), you know that I recently tried to give up dessert to lose some of this baby weight I’ve been carrying around. I finished off all sweets in my house and then went about a week without buying any more (my rule was that I could eat desserts–I just couldn’t buy them).

Then a few people–including some commenters–mentioned that a better way than cold turkey is to have a “cheat day.” So when I was at the grocery store looking at discounted Easter candy, I decided that it was my cheat day, and I bought all the candy.

Over the next few days, I realized a few key things:

  1. I really, really enjoy chocolate. I don’t depend on chocolate for happiness, but it also makes me quite happy to eat it.
  2. By nature, I eat sweets in moderation. I never stuff myself with sweets. I thought maybe I had a problem with eating sweets, but I really don’t think I do. I enjoy them in moderation.

Oh, and I made some cupcakes. They’re delicious.

Have you ever given up something only to realize how much it meant to you?

4 thoughts on “A Cupcake a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

  1. Before I say anything else, I have to know: Is that a picture of the cupcakes you really made?! It looks amazing!

    It’s great to hear you’ve decided to not give up sweets cold turkey anymore, and have figured out that you never really had a huge problem with indulging in sweets! 🙂

    While I’m still pretty new at the whole “trying to eat better and practice clean eating” plan, I’ve already noticed over the last 4 days that my willpower to resist sweets is better than I originally thought (despite the fact that my co-workers seem to be bringing in more treats than ever to share since I’ve started this plan), and also that if I don’t start my day with adding sugar to things like my oatmeal or tea that I don’t really ever crave it throughout the day. It’s strange that even though I thought I’d miss eating cupcakes, ice cream, and candy, the opposite has happened and I’m more than happy to substitute a bowl of ice cream for the healthier option of a frozen banana blended to ice cream consistency.

    • Katy: Unfortunately my cupcakes look nothing like that one. They’re delicious, but they’re not photo-worthy. 🙂

      • I’m happy to hear that they are delicious, but also not that level of photo-worthiness… Because if you had actually made the ones in the picture I would probably need to take a break (for a day) from my clean eating to try one out. 🙂

  2. I gave up all fizzy drinks (soda) for a whole year. The first month was a real struggle but I managed it. These days I just drink them in moderation, much better that way.

    If you’re looking for a tasty healthier alternative to ice cream have you tried blended frozen banana “ice cream”? https://blog.nudjed.com/blended-frozen-banana-ice-cream-instructions/ you can add cocoa powder to make it chocolatey! Yum!

    (disclaimer, I work for the company that wrote that but it’s free to everyone so I don’t get anything from sharing it, it’s just a tasty treat I thought you might like. Feel free to delete this comment if you’d like)


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