I’m not in any position to talk about what’s happened in Baltimore recently. There was the deeply saddening death of Freddy Gray, followed by peaceful protests, then proceeded by looting and rioting. There’s a lot of anger, much of it directed towards the police.

I feel like I’m too far away to weigh in any anything that’s happening. It doesn’t feel like my place to do so.

However, I have been reading about it, and there was one “article” on Buzzfeed today that really captured my heart and my attention. I broke down in tears looking at these photos. If you have a minute–and some tissues–feel free to take a look. Here’s the photo that was the tipping point for me:


I’m struggling to put into words why this photo in particular got to me. There’s something about it that says, “I believe that things can be better.”

I believe that too.

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  1. Great comments, Jamey! And thanks for sharing!

    I completely understand the physical proximity sentiment. In fact, during the Ferguson riots I felt the exact same way since I was out of the country.
    But I do think this is bigger than a Baltimore issue. It’s bigger than even an American issue. It’s a human being issue. And unfortunately, until it does affect the majority of us, nothing will change. It’s uncomfortable and hard but I think it will get much more uncomfortable and harder before we see change.
    Now I’m not saying that you, specifically, have to change or even care. I can tell by your post that you are affected by the situation. I’m not even sure what one is supposed to do if they do care. Kinda seems like we are all separated on the issue–like, this group of people needs to act differently, that group shouldn’t do this.
    I’m not even sure where I’m going with this but I think WE (as in not just people from Baltimore or Ferguson, not just cops, not just people with this color skin or that color skin–but all people) need to come together and show our support for one another. Even if it’s just saying it.
    It’s a long, scary road ahead, but I think you should, if you are willing, have an opinion and share it.

    Things will get better though, especially if we stick together. 🙂

    • Well said, Nelsy. I completely agree that we need to come together and show our support for one another. Like Jason Butler, I believe that things can be better. I believe that the police (and people of wealth) can find a way to uplift impoverish people of all races and religions instead of pushing them down. I also believe that there is value in respecting authority–it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do, or what color your skin is, when a cop tells you to stop, no good will ever come of you not stopping. I believe that when something tragic happens, we can react with productive anger instead of destructive (or opportunistic) rage. I believe that we know better than to act in violence, whether it’s a cop to a person, a person to a cop, or even a mother to her son. Also, I believe that we can do better than act in hatred and in dismissal of those who look differently than we do, believe a different religion, or have a different sexual orientation than we do. We can do so, so much better.


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