My Bucket-List Taverns

Geek & Sundry recently posted a list of the 15 Geekiest Bars in the World. As I scrolled through the list, a few captured my attention and imagination. I want to go there, drink butter beer, and play games. Here are my top three:

3. Safe House in Milwaukee, WI

The thing I really like about Safe House is that it appears to have a building inside the building, accessible only via a “secret” door. I love secret passageways and things inside of other things, so I’d love to visit this place:


2. Storm Crow Tavern, Vancouver

I like that the inside of this bar looks like it’s been this way for hundreds of years (maybe it has). It also offers a cool innovation at the bar: If you want to take a shot, you roll a 20-sided die, and the resulting number determines the type of shot. Not that I do shots, but I like that they’re embracing the geekiness.


1. The Greek Dragon Inn, Middle Earth/New Zealand

Look at the photo below and tell me you don’t want to spend an evening here. It looksΒ awesome.Β I want to play board games in Middle Earth! With a hobbit cat!


Have you ever been to a bar, pub, or tavern that felt like a warm, geeky embrace?