My Bucket-List Taverns

Geek & Sundry recently posted a list of the 15 Geekiest Bars in the World. As I scrolled through the list, a few captured my attention and imagination. I want to go there, drink butter beer, and play games. Here are my top three:

3. Safe House in Milwaukee, WI

The thing I really like about Safe House is that it appears to have a building inside the building, accessible only via a “secret” door. I love secret passageways and things inside of other things, so I’d love to visit this place:


2. Storm Crow Tavern, Vancouver

I like that the inside of this bar looks like it’s been this way for hundreds of years (maybe it has). It also offers a cool innovation at the bar: If you want to take a shot, you roll a 20-sided die, and the resulting number determines the type of shot. Not that I do shots, but I like that they’re embracing the geekiness.


1. The Greek Dragon Inn, Middle Earth/New Zealand

Look at the photo below and tell me you don’t want to spend an evening here. It looks awesome. I want to play board games in Middle Earth! With a hobbit cat!


Have you ever been to a bar, pub, or tavern that felt like a warm, geeky embrace?

7 thoughts on “My Bucket-List Taverns”

  1. I’ve been to the Safe House a few times. Definitely a fun experience. I never remember how to get there and every time we’ve entered it’s been something different. I remember my first time there we didn’t know the password so we ended up having to do a kickline routine…once we got in we saw the tv’s that our routine had been broadcast on. 🙂

    • Laura: Wow, that’s both neat and mortifying. Was it embarrassing to find that everyone inside was watching you on the TV?

      • Jamey – For me it was definitely embarrassing…I’m not a huge fan of that sort of thing. Some of my friends on the other hand loved it. It was fun watching other people have to do it too. 🙂

        The second time we went we found the door to enter the building but then we were in this room and we didn’t know how to get into the restaurant area…there was no one there this time. So we started moving things on the wall and eventually got in. People could also watch us trying to get in. 🙂 The third time I went I thought I was going to be slick when the guy asked what the password was…I walked up to the book on the wall and pulled it and nothing happened! So we had to do something funny to get in. 🙂 After that when we went I just gave up on thinking I knew how to get into that place. 🙂

        • Laura: That’s great! I think I would be embarrassed too, but maybe it leads to a sense of camaraderie once you get in since everyone else had to go through it too. 🙂

  2. Safe House sounds so much fun! I don’t know if I would get hammer there. Not a wise choice. Probably will end up peeing in the corner because I can’t find the secret passage to the bathroom.


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