The Marriage Proposal Spy

proposal1I love a good proposal story.

I don’t know exactly what it is–perhaps my love of rom coms? Of sweeping romantic gestures? Whenever I hear that a friend got engaged, I want to hear exactly how it happened.

I particularly like when someone isn’t expecting the proposal. But when I see engagement photos on Facebook, I always wonder, “How did they not see this coming? There’s clearly a cameraman taking the photo?” And sometimes the photos look so staged. It’s this beautiful, romantic moment, and you’re sitting there posing for a photo? It seems odd.

So a few months ago when I read this article, I bookmarked it to write about at some point in the future. The idea is that there is a photographer in New York whom you can hire to discretely take photos of your proposal as it’s happening. He does it from a distance with a zoom lens so you have no idea it’s happening.

I think that’s pretty brilliant. I’m sure it’s been done before, but this guy has made a business out of it, which is cool. And I like that it allows the couple to be there in the moment instead of thinking about what the engagement announcement will look like on their friend’s fridges in a few weeks.

What is your experience with engagement photos? Has anyone used a service like this?