I Heart Supergirl

Last week, CBS and other major networks revealed trailers for their fall television lineups. One of those trailers was so popular (with 10 million views and counting) that it has more views than all of the other trailers from all of the major networks combined: Supergirl.

I have to say, I account for several of those 10 million views. I think the trailer is brilliant. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes it so good, but really it just comes down to fun. It looks fun.

There have been other superhero shows on major networks recently (namely Gotham and Marvel: Agents of Shield), but I lost interest in them over time. Both are kind of dark and take themselves really seriously, but Supergirl looks to bring an air of levity to the genre.

I really hope the show lives up to the promise of the trailer. I can’t wait to see it in the fall. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “I Heart Supergirl”

  1. Hey Jamey,
    That does look fun — something that’s been severely lacking in most of DC’s recent offerings. The new Batman V Superman looks soooooo serious, they could smile a bit 🙂

    When did you lose interest in Shield? I nearly quit it after the first 6 or 7 episodes, but it got a whole lot better after those. Not nearly so serious (still has some serious bits, but a lot more fun in there too now).

    • I agree! I think the Marvel movies do this pretty well, at least in the color palette and the humor (though there were some dark memories in the latest Avengers).

      I made it through season 1 and skipped around in season 2. It’s a solid show, but it just lost my attention over time.

  2. Hi Jamey,
    Can’t wait for this show. I think you right on about the sense of fun. It looks fun because she is having fun discovering and exploring her powers. She doesn’t appear to have the tortured sense of duty that seems to permeate many characters these days. I also think the trailer works because almost all of the main characters know her secret. Getting the secret identity out of the way lets characters have more meaningful interactions with one another and become fleshed out sooner.

    Have you watched any of The Flash this year? The creators of The Flash are also behind Supergirl. It’s become a must watch for the whole family. The first season just ended, and I highly recommend checking it out over the summer if you get the chance. It’s got a great sense of fun and great characters as well.

    • No “tortured sense of duty”–well said. That’s a great observation, and I completely agree.

      I haven’t watched The Flash, but it sounds like I should have. I’ll see if TiVo can get it for me over the summer.

  3. This is a fantastic trailer, and I’m glad that I took the time to watch it. The show looks like it will be a lot of fun, and I really like the fact that (in the trailer at least) her secret identity isn’t such a secret to most of the other main characters. Thanks for sharing the hype of this upcoming show!


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