My Mad Men Conclusion: Jon Hamm Should Be Batman

Back in 2010, Warner Brothers was working on casting the new Superman. One of the options they considered was an older version of the titular hero, and Jon Hamm’s name came up a number of times, along with this image:


I think this would have been a fascinating casting and story choice for Superman, and Hamm would have been perfect.

Or…so I thought. Having now watched the season finale of Mad Men (which I rather enjoyed), my overriding thought was: Jon Hamm should be Batman!

Of course, it’s too late now. Ben Affleck is Batman. This discussion is just for fun.

There are moments in the Mad Men finale (no spoilers) when Don Draper looks old and tired…yet you look at him and you know he can still take on the world if he needs to.

This is the Frank Miller Batman, the one in the famous graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. In it, Batman is old and tired. The world has beaten him, and despite his wealth, weapons, and skills, every page reflects his pain.

Yet he’s still Batman. Even in his darkest moments, he hunts down bad guys and brings them to justice.

Jon Hamm has the look, and he shows the range as Don Draper. I think he could easily make the transition to Bruce Wayne. What do you think?


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