The Porknado

IMG_4283If someone told you that you could eat a sandwich that looked like “a tornado of meat,” are you really going to turn down that opportunity?

This is the situation I was presented with at my first visit to Sugarfire Smokehouse in St. Louis last week. The menu is chock full of items I’ve never seen before, but one stood out above the rest: The Porknado.

The Porknado must have been a special, because I don’t see it on the website now. From what I can recall, it involved three different cuts of meat, mustard BBQ sauce, and two pieces of bacon-wrapped pork belly on a grilled hoagie.

Oh, and arugula. Because I go to BBQ restaurants for arugula.

My brother also got the Porknado and wolfed it down in about 20 minutes. I ate half of mine for lunch, sampling the coffee sauce and black cherry sauce, and half for dinner 6 hours later (though I still really wasn’t all that hungry after lunch).

It was delicious, but I have to say it’s the type of dish I think I’d prefer to eat in the private of my home. It’s incredibly messy–I mean, you can’t have a porknado and not have pieces go flying everywhere.

Did I mention that I also got pork belly hush puppies and a smoked chocolate chip cookie? I swear I shared the hush puppies and the delicious jalapeno sauce they came with.

Is it the best BBQ in St. Louis? I can’t say that for sure, as I haven’t eaten at The Shaved Duck. Pappy’s is pretty darn good. But for sheer creativity, I have to hand it to Sugarfire.

What is the most meat-laden, creatively designed dish you’ve ever eaten?