Virtual Reality Playgrounds

virtual-realityThere’s a shortlist of things about the nebulous future I’ve always been excited about:

  • jetpacks
  • flying cars
  • teleportation
  • simple body scans that immediately diagnose all that ails you
  • virtual reality

The cool thing about the last item on that list is can do all the other things on the list. You could plug into virtual reality and instantly travel by jetpack, flying car, or teleportation.

In fact, it makes me think that if we get fully immersive virtual reality before we get any of those other things, all real-life innovation of cool future stuff will stop. Why spend billions of dollars developing a jetpack when you can use one in your living room for free right now?

I’ve always pictured virtual reality as a private experience, something you plug into in a padded room at home. But today I read an article on Kotaku today about a company called The Void that is developing a virtual reality playground.

The concept is kind of like laser tag, as there is an obstacle course with real people walking around in it. But you’re all wearing VR headsets that display an entirely different world around you (a spaceship, medieval realm, etc).

The video on the article looks incredible–I would love to try it. The only downside is that I’m 100% sure I would get hurt or hurt someone else by accident. I mean, if you’re walking down a hallway in a haunted house where the ghosts look, sound, and feel real, you’re going to run away, and you’re going to run into a wall or another player. It’s going to happen.

However, with proper padding, I think this could be an awesome experience. What do you think?

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