Out-of-Control Text Reminders from Doctors

step2Text reminders from doctors have gotten a little out of control.

Recently I had a dentist check up, followed a few days later by the eye doctor experience. For both appointments, I received several text reminders leading up to the appointment.

Now, I understand why doctors do this. At least, I think I do. They have no-shows all the time, and many of them can be prevented by reminding people of the appointment. I’m sure that doctors loses tens of thousands of dollars each year by patients who simply forget.

But it’s gotten a little comical. If you haven’t been to the doctor in a while, here are the texts you can expect to receive if you’re, say, going in for a colonoscopy:

1 Week Before Appointment: “Please reply YES to confirm your appt at 11:00 am on 6/12/15 (Fri). Thanks!”

3 Days Before: “Your appt is coming up in a few days at 11:00 am on 6/12/15 (Fri). Get your butt over here!”

2 Days Before: “Spread those cheeks–we can’t wait to dig in on 11:00 am on 6/12/15 (Fri).”

1 Day Before: “Are you excited about tomorrow (Fri)? We sure are! We’ll see you naked at 11:00 am at our Bridgeton office.”

12 Hours Before: “What did you have for dinner tonight? Wait, don’t tell us–we’ll know soon enough (11:00 am on 6/12/15)!”

6 Hours Before: “Who needs two girls and a cup when you have Dr. Hortenbaum and a colonoscope? Remember, 11:00 am at 6/12/15. Bring your ID and insurance card.”

1 Hour Before: “This is going to be the best day ever! Please reply YES if you agree. Your appt is still at 11:00 am on 6/12/15 (today).”

1 Minute Before: “THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!”

And then you arrive and wait for 45 minutes before they see you.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m exaggerating, of course, but I still find it amusing.

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