The Stoplight Dilemma

Lately most of my brainpower has been occupied by the design of a game I’m working on. As a result, I haven’t had as much to write about on this blog.

However, today I happened to be on my rarely-used OkCupid account, and I remembered that the site has a ton of thought-provoking questions on it (to determine compatibility). From now on, whenever I’m at a loss for a blog topic, I’m going to scroll through the list of OkCupid questions to find one worth writing and conversing about.

Here’s today’s question:

Stoplight-Lineup1It’s 2 AM. While driving home, you stop at an intersection with a red traffic light. After waiting over six minutes, it still hasn’t changed to green. No one seems to be around. What do you do?

Six minutes is an eternity to wait at a stoplight! That’s like two full plays of “Shake It Off”!

In a way, the question is asking, “How far would you go to not break the law?” I consider myself a law-abiding citizen, but at three or four minutes I’m starting to think the light is broken. The stoplight’s job is to create order out of a potentially chaotic and dangerous situation.

If the stoplight stops doing its job, it’s our job to self-regulate, and I think a perfectly reasonable way to do that would be to check to make sure no one is driving perpendicular to the intersection and then drive through.

What would you do?