Would You Go to a Real Jurassic World?

Jurassic WorldThis is a spoiler-free post about Jurassic World, but it does include some general information from the first trailer.

I saw the new Jurassic World movie yesterday. The whole concept of the movie is awesome to me: Unlike the previous movies, the park is now open to the public. It’s a fully operational theme park.

The movie does a fantastic job at showing all of the various attractions at Jurassic World. At that point in the movie, the answer to my question is obvious–of course you’d want to go there. How could you say no to seeing a T-Rex or going to a baby triceratops petting zoo?

In fact, the movie does such a good job of showing what a fully operational dinosaur theme park is that my only hesitation about going was standing in the long lines. Velociraptors? No problem. Waiting to see the velociraptors? No way–I’m outta here!

The answer is more convoluted, though, because the dinosaurs in these movies are never well-behaved. I would imagine that in a real-life Jurassic World, containment of the animals would be top-notch, just like any zoo. But there’s always the slight risk that you might get eaten by a dinosaur. Is it worth the risk?

I say yes. I would simply have to go. I mean, going to the Harry Potter theme park is on my bucket list, and there’s not even any real magic there. Real dinosaurs? I must see them.

What about you? Would you go to a real-life Jurassic World theme park?

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