Would You Let Someone Else Choose Your Bedtime Attire?

f_66280_1.1Lately I’ve been using compatibility questions from the dating site OkCupid for blog fodder. Here’s today’s question:

Would you allow your partner to decide what you wear to bed?

The way I read this question (this might be incorrect, it’s it’s how I’m looking at it) for me is: Would I allow a girlfriend to tell me what I must where to bed for the purpose of sleeping.

Which, honestly, seems like an odd question at first. Why would I let anyone else tell me what I can where to bed? I wouldn’t ask the same of her: I just want her to get a good night’s sleep, so she should be able to wear whatever she’s most comfortable wearing.

But I guess the question isn’t really asking me about how I feel about a girlfriend asking me to wear something specific to bed (or not wear something); rather, it’s asking if I would do as she said, yes or no.

I’m going to say yes, within limits. I typically sleep in a t-shirt and boxers. If a girlfriend asked me to wear less or a little more, that wouldn’t be a problem.

I think it would only be a problem if she asked me to wear something that I really couldn’t fall asleep in. Say, a Robocop costume. Or a pair of of rubber clamming boots and nothing else. Or a blindfold. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night wearing a blindfold? It would be terrifying!

So yes, within limits. What about you? Would you allow your partner to decide what you wear to bed?

1 thought on “Would You Let Someone Else Choose Your Bedtime Attire?”

  1. As long as the request isn’t too outrageous or uncomfortable, I wouldn’t mind wearing what my partner wanted me to wear to bed. If I had a partner who preferred that I wear nightgowns over pajama pants, I wouldn’t see anything wrong with such a request and would go along with it because it’s something I can easily do that makes the other person happy.

    Looking at this question from the perspective of “wearing to bed” equals sleep and nothing more, it does seem a little odd to be asked on a dating site, and I wonder if it’s really a way for OKcupid to hint at the idea of a person’s willingness to be submissive or dominant in a relationship. Maybe I’m completely off base with that idea, but with the popularity of those awful 50 Shades “books,” I wouldn’t be surprised if OKc was really trying to hint at something along those lines.


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