Would You Let Someone Else Choose Your Bedtime Attire?

f_66280_1.1Lately I’ve been using compatibility questions from the dating site OkCupid for blog fodder. Here’s today’s question:

Would you allow your partner to decide what you wear to bed?

The way I read this question (this might be incorrect, it’s it’s how I’m looking at it) for me is: Would I allow a girlfriend to tell me what I must where to bed for the purpose of sleeping.

Which, honestly, seems like an odd question at first. Why would I let anyone else tell me what I can where to bed? I wouldn’t ask the same of her: I just want her to get a good night’s sleep, so she should be able to wear whatever she’s most comfortable wearing.

But I guess the question isn’t really asking me about how I feel about a girlfriend asking me to wear something specific to bed (or not wear something); rather, it’s asking if I would do as she said, yes or no.

I’m going to say yes, within limits. I typically sleep in a t-shirt and boxers. If a girlfriend asked me to wear less or a little more, that wouldn’t be a problem.

I think it would only be a problem if she asked me to wear something that I really couldn’t fall asleep in. Say, a Robocop costume. Or a pair of of rubber clamming boots and nothing else. Or a blindfold. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night wearing a blindfold? It would be terrifying!

So yes, within limits. What about you? Would you allow your partner to decide what you wear to bed?

One Response to “Would You Let Someone Else Choose Your Bedtime Attire?”

  1. Katy says:

    As long as the request isn’t too outrageous or uncomfortable, I wouldn’t mind wearing what my partner wanted me to wear to bed. If I had a partner who preferred that I wear nightgowns over pajama pants, I wouldn’t see anything wrong with such a request and would go along with it because it’s something I can easily do that makes the other person happy.

    Looking at this question from the perspective of “wearing to bed” equals sleep and nothing more, it does seem a little odd to be asked on a dating site, and I wonder if it’s really a way for OKcupid to hint at the idea of a person’s willingness to be submissive or dominant in a relationship. Maybe I’m completely off base with that idea, but with the popularity of those awful 50 Shades “books,” I wouldn’t be surprised if OKc was really trying to hint at something along those lines.

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