I Cannot Stop Laughing at This

The other day I clicked on some Facebook link that took me to a bunch of amusing gifs. One of them made me laugh so hard that I knew I had to share it with you, especially on a Monday when most of you have to get dressed up to go to your offices while I work from home without pants.

Here’s the gif, no spoilers, with commentary below. If it doesn’t embed, click here to see it on the original website.

funny gifs


The moment that gets me is the precise moment when the flying princess seems to recognize the girl’s joy…and wants no part of it. Then it’s a headlong mission into the fire. It’s truly as if she is flying herself into the fire.

I know that probably wasn’t the best moment for the little girl and her family, and I hope she had lots of other nice presents to make up for it. I’m just glad this gif exists.

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