The Dilemma of Scent

Thierry-Mugler-Angel-Womens-3.4-Ounce-Eau-de-Parfum-Spray-in-Refillable-Bottle-L12274847Lately I’ve been turning to the zany questions on OkCupid for blog fodder from time to time. Today is one of those times.

The question: If you bought your partner perfume or cologne as a gift, would you buy them a scent they love or a scent you love?

I feel like this is one of those thinly-veiled questions that tests your level of selfishness. I may do very poorly on that test.

Whenever I’ve bought girlfriends perfumes, I’ve almost exclusively bought them my favorite perfume scent (Angel by Thierry, which is literally created from happy angel tears).

I’d say the reverse has also been true–girlfriends have always bought me their favorite scent, even if it’s not a scent I’m fond of. For the most part I haven’t minded, because I liked the idea that they applied a specific scent to me that turns them on.

For me, if I were to buy a girlfriend perfume, I would buy her a perfume I love unless it’s a smell she really doesn’t like. I think we could probably find some common ground.

What about you–what’s your answer to this age-old question?