Can I just devote this post to saying how incredibly excited I am that the US women’s team is returning to the World Cup finals on Sunday after their victory over Germany today?

I was hesitant to post this, because I generally root for all teams that play beautiful soccer, and both Germany and the US are fantastic teams. But I’m American, so I can’t help but root for my nation’s team.

If you missed the game, here’s a 2-minute clip of the highlights. I’m really, really glad the US got a second goal, because the first goal came on a penalty kick that probably should have been taken from outside the box, not in it. And maybe Johnson should have gotten a red card for dragging down a German player on a goal-scoring opportunity, but I think the replays show the player was leaning way back and was going to fall down anyway.

2 thoughts on “USA! USA!”

  1. USA! USA! USA!

    That second goal was pretty impressive. I’m very proud of our team for prevailing against a very tough opponent.

    My sister got tickets for the final long ago with the hope in mind that the US would be in it. I’m excited that they are!


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