What Is the Oldest Recording on Your DVR?

10I usually listen to The Daily Show or a comedy that doesn’t require visuals while I’m making dinner, but today I discovered that the only unwatched show on my TiVo was Halt and Catch Fire (a show to watch while I’m eating, not while I’m cooking).

But then I remembered that I actually do have one comedy on my TiVo saved from years and years ago that I haven’t watched in a while.

Before I get to which show that is, I’m fascinated by the idea of digital DVR storage. It allows us to keep shows for years after we originally watch (or don’t watch) them, and I bet some of them stay there for so long that we kind of forget they’re there. That’s what happened to me.

I actually have two really old recordings on my TiVo. The first is a 2-minute clip from Dumb and Dumber. It’s a snowman-making scene that never fails to make me laugh. The clip doesn’t take up much space, and sometimes I just want a good laugh, so I keep it for that.

The show I mentioned earlier is the New Year’s Eve episode of Friends. I think it’s called “The One with the Routine” because it features a dance routine with Ross and Monica. An ex-girlfriend and I swore years ago when we were dating that we were going to learn the routine, but we never did.

I’ve had my TiVo for 11 years now, and I’m pretty sure I recorded that clip in 2007. So I’ve had a show on my TiVo for 8 years. That’s as long as I’ve had Biddy!

So I’m really curious to see if you have a show like this. Which show is it, why do you keep it, and how long have you had it?

3 thoughts on “What Is the Oldest Recording on Your DVR?”

  1. I had Game 6 (from 9th inning on) of the 2011 World Series where the Cardinals beat the Rangers in dramatic fashion. I know I’m biased but still the single greatest baseball game I’ve ever watched. Unfortunately I cancelled cable in February and had to send my DVR in. So only 3.5 years not quite the 8 years that you have.

    • Good call, Nick–I wish I had that on my TiVo! From my condo I could hear people yelling from all over the building and the neighborhood when that happened.

    • Just reading your comment makes me want to go back and watch Game 6 right now. You know how people have “I remember where I was/what I was doing” moments in their lives–where you remember exactly what was going on in your surroundings when something happened? Game 6 of ’11 is one of those memories!


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