A Throne of Cats

Biddy chair 2015Pet owners and human parents of the world: Do you ever discomfort yourself merely to not inconvenience  your pet/child while they do something adorable, endearing, or peaceful?

An example of this for human parents is that you might not move from an uncomfortable position on the couch just because your infant son/daughter fell asleep on you, and you don’t want to wake them up.

Biddy is very, very fond of my desk chair. Sometimes I’ll stand up to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, and when I turn back around, he’s reclining on the chair. His expression says, “Oh? I thought you were done with this.”

Sometimes I sit back down, and he goes elsewhere. But sometimes (like today) he just looks so comfortable–like the chair were custom made for him by little seamstress mice–that I simply slide the chair to the side with him on it. I then pull up a less comfortable folding chair and continue working as long as Biddy claims the desk chair (usually 2-3 hours).

I’m sure I’m not the only pet owner or human parent who does this. What’s an example of your animal or child putting you in an uncomfortable position that is totally worth it because of how happy they look?