It’s Time to Fly the Millennium Falcon

If you had the chance, would you fly the Millennium Falcon?

That’s obviously the most rhetorical question ever. Of course you would.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how I can explain what I’m about to explain. Hopefully this makes sense.

This weekend, Disney announced that they’re opening two Star Wars themed parks, one in California, one in Orlando. It appears that both will feature an actual life-size Millennium Falcon, plus a ride that simulates flying in the Falcon. See one of the pieces of concept art below:


Now, I have no desire to go to Disney. Nothing against it–it’s just not something I get excited about.

But when I saw these images, it hit me that my childhood dream of walking into and around the Millennium Falcon could be a reality. That’s unfathomably cool to me. Just picture yourself walking up that ramp, exploring around the various corridors, peaking into supply rooms, and finally making your way to the cockpit. How amazing is that?!

I don’t care that it’s not real. It’ll be the Disney version, realer than real. I’m okay with that.

I’d like to combine the trip with a visit to the Harry Potter world. Because Butterbeer.

Are you excited about the Star Wars theme park? What are you the most curious about?