Butterbeer: As Good as It Should Be?

butterbeerI read today that Warner Brothers is hosting a dinner in the great hall of Hogwarts this Christmas. It’s not the actual Hogwarts, of course–us Muggles can’t see it–but rather the set from the movies.

To commemorate the occasion, I cracked open the pack of butterbeer I stumbled upon at my local grocery store the other day. I’ve yearned to try butterbeer ever since reading the first Harry Potter book. There’s something magical about that word. I’m not sure I even associated a specific flavor with it, though I imagine it having a bit of sweetness and a little bite too it, like a sharply carbonated apple cider.

When the Harry Potter theme park opened, I added it to my bucket list not because I like theme parks, but rather because I wanted to try butterbeer. Unfortunately, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the drink, with most people saying it’s “too sweet.”

The drink I discovered at the grocery store isn’t exactly butterbeer, but you can tell by the packaging that they’re trying to evoke the feel of the Harry Potter drink. I mean, they called it “Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer.” It’s butterbeer.

My assessment? It’s good. Definitely too sweet, but good. It tastes like a liquid version of a butterscotch hard candy.

I’d like to think that the real butterbeer–not the Warner Brothers kind, but the kind from the books–is a little more like how I imagined it. But for now I’m pleased with the Flying Cauldron variety.

Have you tried any version of butterbeer? Did the taste match what you thought it would be?

6 thoughts on “Butterbeer: As Good as It Should Be?”

    • Interesting, that’s a good point. Perhaps it’s something like warm Guinness in texture, but different in taste.

  1. Wow! That butterscotch beer looks amazing. I’m going to have to try one of those some time.

    On a separate note, perhaps you could melt a stick of butter and drop it into a dark beer, then see what you think. I’m no expert in Harry Potter recipes, but the one I mentioned above sounds plausible enough.


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