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ntxt6A few days ago I read a really interesting post on Slashfilm about how Netflix knows exactly how many episodes of each show it takes to get you hooked on that show. I’m particularly fascinated in this data from the storyteller perspective–what happens in the tipping-point episodes and what does this say about the importance of cliffhangers?

Today’s main topic–while also Netflix related–isn’t about the shows on Netflix. Rather, it’s about a phrase I recently learned about called “Netflix and chill.”

Back in my day, if I invited a lady over to watch a movie on Netflix, the invitation was meant to be taken literally. We’d snuggle up and watch a movie.

However, the meaning of “Netflix and chill” no longer means “let’s watch a movie.” Rather, it’s shorthand for “let’s hook up.” A Netflix subscription isn’t needed at all.

My concern here is that surely there are people out there like me who literally want to watch a movie and hang out. But if I want to use Netflix to watch that movie, I can’t use the literal words for that activity without having it misinterpreted.

I also don’t want to completely eliminate the possibility of other things happening after the movie, but they should not preempt or interrupt the movie. If I’m excited about a movie, I want to watch it! I recall something like that happening while introducing a lady to Star Wars Episode V a few years ago. Who dares to interrupt Star Wars Episode V with under-the-shirt stuff? The gall!

So I’d really like to take back the phrase Netflix and chill. Who’s with me?

6 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill”

  1. I’m with you! Why people make things so complicated? I don’t have time to decipher. Just tell me what you want and I either agree or disagree. Short and simple. 🙂

  2. Marriage Story just released on Netflix. Have you had a chance to watch it? Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver are the two protagonists. I’ve liked pretty much everything those two have starred in. This was definitely worth a watch.


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