Professor Dumblejamey (Jameydore?)

lectureI had the unique pleasure of teaching a class at NYU today…from my home office in St. Louis.

Geoff Engelstein, one of the great minds behind the Ludology podcast, is teaching a game design class at NYU this semester. He invited me to speak to the class about Kickstarter and crowdfunding.

I wasn’t able to travel to New York for the class, but Geoff said that wasn’t a problem. Instead, I could lecture via Skype, and he would set up video and audio on his end so I could see the students.

I asked the students for questions in advance, as I wanted to address their interests instead of just talking at them for an hour. That format seemed to go over pretty well, though I got so swept up in the questions that I pretty much forget to introduce myself.

Technology is amazing–it’s really cool that I could teach a class in New York from St. Louis, complete with Biddy lounging behind me at the time. But I could definitely feel the separation between me and the students. I could kind of see them and kind of hear them, but it wasn’t the same experience as being there in person.

I also realized that I have a lot to learn about teaching in lecture format. Forgetting to introduce myself was one thing, but I think I need to use more examples, anecdotes, and data (this echos the format of my crowdfunding book).

Overall, though, I’m grateful for the experience. Have you ever done anything like this? How did it go?