Survivor Is Alive!

survivor-second-chance-800The 31st season of Survivor started yesterday, and It. Was. Awesome. (No spoilers are in this post in case you haven’t watched it yet.)

I’ve been an unabashed Survivor since the first season, and I’ve only missed 2 early seasons due to my time abroad in Japan. I love the show because of the social aspects, the physical challenges, the humor, the island, and the whole Swiss-Family-Robinson aspect to it.

This season is particularly exciting because for the first time ever, people around the world voted for the participants out of a pool of prior contestants who lost. I found while watching the first episode that this created a really interesting dynamic, because I’m genuinely rooting for 16 out of the 20 contestants.

I generally don’t blog about Survivor (last season I only blogged about it because of a realization I had about the group of people with whom I email after each episode) because I figure the number of readers who also happen to be Survivor fans is probably pretty small.

But I wanted to mention it today because if you’ve ever been curious about the show, this is the perfect season to give it a try, because so many of the contestants are not only extremely likable, but also very, very good at the game. It’s going to be a really entertaining season.

Let me know in the comments below if you decide to watch this season!

5 thoughts on “Survivor Is Alive!”

  1. The only time I’ve watched Survivor was when I knew one of the contestants. A guy I grew up with was on a few years back. He was a total jerk in school and was an even bigger jerk on the show, unfortunately. It was kind of embarrassing to watch. Thankfully he got kicked off by the third or fourth episode so that I didn’t have to watch him poorly represent my hometown anymore. But I did thoroughly enjoy the rest of the show other than that, so maybe I’ll watch it this season!

      • Oh yes…I actually just rewatched the episodes a few weeks ago because it had been a while since I’d seen them!

        He was on season 19, Samoa.

        This part from his bio makes me groan, because he and his older brother were the biggest troublemakers ever. They were rude and disrespectful and always up to something. He also kept talking about how he was such a hillbilly and loved to hunt and fish, but they were both two of the most high-maintenance guys I’ve ever met.

        “Growing up in Kirksville, Missouri, Ben’s parents raised him with a strict set of morals and instilled in him a strong work ethic. His parents would always be there to whip Ben into shape whenever necessary.

        Ben has worked hard for all he has in life and says “I don’t like cry babies, I like people who work their asses off, like people from where I’m from.” He is also quick to admit that the one thing he can’t stand is ‘whiners and wimps.'”


        • He was also one of the only contestants ever eliminated from a challenge because he was playing dirty and kicking the other contestants. Then he called someone from the other tribe “ghetto trash,” which was pretty much the last straw for everyone there. He got voted off right after that.

          • Wow, he sounds like the worst! For some reason I can’t remember him at all, though I did watch that season. It’s neat that you have the inside scoop about who he really is.


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