The Catalina Wine Mixer

Warning: There is foul language in this post.

Yesterday I read one of the best movie-related announcements of the year. I laughed out loud and literally clapped in joy that this is a real thing.

A few years ago, there was a Will Ferrell movie called Step Brothers. I’m a Ferrell fan, and I enjoyed watching him be himself in the movie. (I’m sure it’s not for everyone.)

A central part of the movie is the Catalina Wine Mixer, which, as the characters talk about throughout the movie, is the biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hemisphere since 1997. The last 20 minutes of the movie take place at this event, which is really just a fancy outdoor cocktail hour for about 50 people. It’s not a big deal, but the characters talk about it as if it’s the Super Bowl.

It’s a made-up event–there is no such thing as a Catalina Wine Mixer.

That is, until now.

A company called the Santa Catalina Island Company is hosting a real-life Catalina Wine Mixer this Sunday in picturesque Avalon, California. How awesome is that?! I love it when movie constructs become real-life things. It’s like that little robot in the new Star Wars movie, but funnier.

If you haven’t seen Step Brothers, this post will make a lot more sense after you watch it.


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  1. Step Brothers is a good movie. They actually have helicopters at the event for rides! That’s awesome! One of these days I’m going to that event in one. It’s going to be epic! Like Darth Vader epic!


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