The Gunpoint Scenario

IMG_4627A few nights ago I went to Food Truck Friday here in St. Louis with a few friends. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was one of those events that was crowded enough that it felt like everyone in St. Louis was there (even though that’s far from the truth).

As the evening drew to a close, one of my friends said she needed to walk across the park to her car. The three of us offered to walk with her to make sure she got their safely. We also had a guard dog (a Pomeranian).

There was a moment in the dark walk across the park that a thought occurred to me. It’s a thought that often comes to my mind in these isolated situations: What should I do if we’re accosted by gunpoint?

I think the right answer–I feel like I was taught this at some point–is to heed their demands (likely handing over wallets and phones). Basically, stay calm, and don’t try to be a hero, because that’s when people actually get shot.

But is that the only answer? Is there an alternative? Is the situation different because there are four people instead of just, say, two people? Is there a way to just hand over cash and not your entire wallet? I’d prefer to not have to go to the DMV to get a new license.

5 thoughts on “The Gunpoint Scenario”

  1. I once read about the prospect of keeping a sacrificial wallet handy with some cash and a few expired cards in it. Mind you, having the poise to hand the correct wallet over is another thing.

    • Cameron: That’s an interesting idea…the sacrificial wallet. I bet it’s the type of thing that you forget to have when you actually need it, given how rare this sort of thing happens.

  2. One piece of advice I’ve been told is to keep a money clip with a twenty and five ones, the twenty on the outside. If you’re mugged, pull out and toss the money clip and hopefully the mugger will go after the cash.

    I don’t know if mugging has changed in the digital age, if cash is no longer as desired. But be vigilant, don’t go where you don’t feel safe, and wear good running shoes.

    • That’s a clever idea! Also, as for running, that’s the instinct when I’m alone, but with friends I’d be really hesitant to desert them.


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