Tiny Houses and the Dream of Entertaining

slideThis past weekend, I helped a friend move into a tiny house.

Specifically, he and his family (one wife and two sons) moved from a decent-sized house to a much smaller house. I think it’s around 900 square feet, plus a basement.

For a while now, my friend has been reading a blog called Mr. Money Mustache. It’s a blog largely about cutting down wasteful spending (that’s a terrible summary of the blog–there are some really cool philosophies there).

One of the core ideas of the blog is that people tend to rent or buy homes based on the dream of entertaining. We see our homes as hubs for ourselves and other people.

But, realistically, not every home can be a hub for your friends, because if everyone else is trying to make their home the hub too, then everyone ends up with really nice houses that only they get to enjoy (with rare exceptions). I’ve certainly had that mentality. I love hosting.

The idea also pervades into how we use our space versus how our space encourages us to get out of the home. Like, a few months ago my parents mentioned they were shopping around for a slide for my niece. She loves slides.

But by installing a slide at home, you remove the appeal of going to the park to play on the slide there. You’ve secluded yourself–probably with an inferior slide–instead of creating an opportunity to interact with people in a shared space.

I’ve thought about these ideas before, but the fresh perspective has made me consider them in a new light. Not that I have to make a change–I already live in modest condo. But I’m intrigued by the greater philosophy of it. What do you think? Have you made purchases based on the dream of entertaining that rarely happens? Not just in terms of the size of your home, but also the things you put inside of it.