Where Do You Look When Learning About a Restaurant?

CTable_primaryI’m meeting up with a friend for lunch tomorrow, and we were discussing where to eat. A few restaurant came up that we’ve heard of but never tried.

Usually when this happens, I go through a two-step process:

  1. I search for reviews about the restaurant. Usually this involves me looking on Sauce Magazine’s website (it’s a local foodie magazine), not finding anything there, then turning to Yelp.
  2. After I select the restaurant, I want to know about what’s good at that restaurant. Again, I turn to Yelp.

So, the answer for me is Yelp. But I’m not satisfied with that answer at all.

Like, today, Yelp offered bad reviews about two of the restaurants. But they were from random Yelpers or whatever they’re called. And they’re often mixed–someone might give a restaurant 5 stars, another 1.

This is in stark contrast to movie reviews. For years I’ve followed a great movie news/review site called Slashfilm. I feel like I “know” them, and I trust their reviews. I’d love to find a St. Louis food reviewer who has reviews on almost every restaurant in St. Louis.

Also, I tend to trust professional critics more than random people. So I also turn to Rotten Tomatoes when deciding whether or not to see a movie. Rotten Tomatoes does a fantastic job of depicting in a single graphic (a) what the critics think and (b) what moviegoers think.

I want that for restaurants. I want Rotten Tomatoes for restaurants. Does that exist?

When you hear about a restaurant you haven’t tried, do you look for reviews? Where do you look?