A Hat for My Lips

I found this incredibly amusing.

Because of the intensity of my Kickstarter campaign, I haven’t stepped foot outside of my condo for 3 days. Finally today I had to step outside for a moment, and to my surprise I found a little piece of paper poking out from under my doormat.

It made me laugh out loud. And it was maybe just a little creepy.

Before I show you what was on that piece of paper (don’t spoil it), some context is needed: 3 years ago, I grew a mustache for Movember. That’s a thing where men grow out their facial hair to raise money or awareness for prostate and testicular cancer research.

So I gave it a try. And the results were terrible. Like, my mustache made people uncomfortable. And understandably so. It wasn’t pretty.

I wrote a few blog entries about it, and I think someone (probably a friend, but I’m not sure) must have taken one of the photos from those blog entries and created a meme out of it that I truly hope only exists on this piece of paper. This is what I found under my doormat today:


That’s it. No other explanation. A little creepy, but hilarious that someone would think to create this, print it, and put it under my doormat.

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