How I Aged 8 Years in 1 Day

I have a confession to make.

The header I’ve been using on this blog has been outdated for quite some time. Not the header you might see now (we’ll get to that in a second), but the header that was there until today. I’m no longer the young, strong, virile man I was when that photo was taken in 2007.

That’s right: 2007!

I would have changed it a long time ago, but here’s the truth: I couldn’t find in the code of my blog where I could change it, and I don’t know how to use Photoshop, so I didn’t have a way to edit a photo into the red background.

Also, I don’t have many high-quality photos of myself. I think that happens when you’re single–there’s no one around to take photos of you when you have a great hair day.

So I simply let that header fester for a long, long time.

Recently, though, I had a web designer named Dave Hewer work on the Stonemaier Games website. On a whim, it occurred to me that he might have the magical coding knowledge–and the Photoshop skills–to change the header on this blog.

So he did. Here it is:


The photo is brand new–it’s still a few years old, but that is much more what I look like now. I’d rather you look at my actual, modern-day face when you read this blog than some vestige of begotten days of the past.

So perhaps today you could use this as a reminder to check to see how old your profile photos are. Do you still look like your photo? Do you care if you don’t?

5 thoughts on “How I Aged 8 Years in 1 Day”

  1. Interestingly, the photo I use for everything I do at work is also from 2007. I’ve yet to find a better picture of myself in the 8 years since, however, so it’ll stay! My Facebook profile photo is from about 2010, I think. That one just doesn’t matter to me though, because the only page I visit on Facebook is the group page for St. Louis pickup soccer to check the day’s game schedule.

    Also, now that you’re a big time game company owner, you can probably afford to buy more than one shirt. Is that actually the same one from 2007 or just the same color?

    • Trev: “Also, now that you’re a big time game company owner, you can probably afford to buy more than one shirt.” LOL–that made me laugh out loud. I have several shirts! That’s actually a different shirt, but very similar. 🙂


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