Mistborn: The Trilogy I Should Have Read Long Before Now

tumblr_static_78lt91c4ymg448wks00kgwog8If I had a time machine, I would travel back to July 31, 2007 to tell myself to read the first book of the Mistborn trilogy on the day it was released. You might say that’s a waste of a perfectly good time machine, but it’s worth the trip. The book is that good. The trilogy is superb.

Brandon Sanderson, author of Mistborn, my hat is off to you. Well done, sir. I’ve spent the last several months reading the trilogy on my Kindle at a rate of about 1% a night (the books are LONG), and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

The characters are fully formed people. They’re flawed but fascinating. The magic is incredibly well conceived. Yes, Mistborn is a fantasy series, but it exists in a world that feels like an alternate-reality earth. It’s familiar, but different.

There are so many mysteries, and no matter how big or small they are, they’re all completely explained by the end of the trilogy in a way that shows better planning than I’ve seen in any trilogy or series. Everything makes sense once you know the true answer, but it keeps you guessing along the way.

It’s so good. SO good.

What’s even better is that there’s a second trilogy that Sanderson is already 2/3rds of the way through. He’s a prolific writer–he’s not the type to go a decade between books, yet the quality of his books doesn’t suffer from speed. He’s pretty much the ideal author.

Anyway, I could continue to gush, but instead of reading my words, you should read the words of Mistborn. Let me know what you think if you check it out!