The Cubs, Back to the Future, and My Niece

12074520_10207027423266680_3120708806900768794_nLast week I debated one of life’s greatest mysteries: Would I prefer for Back to the Future II be right about its prediction that the Cubs would win a World Series in 2015 or that my team, the St. Louis Cardinals, win the whole thing?

The question was on my mind because the Cubs played the Cardinals in their opening series…and won. Which is fine. I feel sorry for all of the hard-core Cardinals fans in town, especially after such a good season, but it’s not the end of the world.

Plus…Back to the Future II is one step closer to reality! This could really happen!

But perhaps the best part was having my 2-year-old niece call me on Facetime today, proudly point to her shirt, stick out her belly, and say, “Kaabz! KAAABBZ!” (Her father is a Cubs fan.)

That alone made it worth it, Marty McFly or not.

And yes, this entire post is pretty much just an excuse to share a photo of the Cutest Niece Ever.

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