The Opposite of the Standing Desk

Recently I’ve blogged several times about my standing desk, which has been a huge asset for my Kickstarter campaign, which entails 14-16 hours of computer work a day.

However, today I saw a post on Facebook from my friend Adam about something that’s even more amazing than a standing desk–a lying-down desk! Check it out:


The article on Mashable isn’t just a puff piece–the author actually tried out the desk and spoke to its merits. I can totally see how it would alleviate the physical stress of hunching over your keyboard. And I do some of my best thinking lying down.

BUT–this is a big but–I’m 100% positive I would fall asleep at this desk. That’s the caveat to the times why I lie down for a minute to process some ideas–I process for a few minutes, and before I know it, Biddy is sitting on me and I’m waking up from a 40-minute nap. This desk would have the same effect.

However, as ridiculous as it looks, I applaud the idea, and it might be awesome for those who are willing to dish out $4k for it. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “The Opposite of the Standing Desk”

  1. How exactly are you supposed to write using this? Or hold a coffee mug? Or keep books, papers, etc? Or, talk to people when they come visit you?

    Yeah… I don’t see this catching on anytime soon.

  2. We had an office-yoga session at work a few weeks back. I thought “Hell, I’ll give it a go”. It went rather well. So well in fact that I got woken up by one of the board members after he came looking for me when I was late for our meeting after I’d fallen asleep on the yoga mat…

      • It’s quite a laid back place, but not *that* laid back! I can just imagine a room of snoring if we all got those lying down desks!

        • If Stonemaier Games ever has a real office and in-office employees, I’m definitely going to make it a nap-friendly space. Productivity goes way down when you’re tired. 🙂

          • The company I work for measures the health of a company’s staff, the top requested thing is help with getting more/better sleep. Almost every time.


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