The Skinny Mirror

skinnymirrorcompare11There was a really interesting product pitched on Shark Tank this past week that made me wonder if the sharks had it all wrong. I’m curious about what you think.

The product is called the Skinny Mirror, designed by Belinda Jasmin. It’s worth reading the story behind the mirror. In short, Belinda lives a healthy, active lifestyle, yet she never felt good about her body while looking in the mirror.

So she made a change: She invented a mirror that made her look a little slimmer. I’ll quote her so you can see the impact it had on her confidence and body image:

“I used the prototype for months and could see and feel the difference in my body and my attitude towards my body. I started to really appreciate and love my body. My mirror taught me it is the image we hold of ourselves that affects everything in our lives – our work, goals, relationships. Even though I haven’t physically changed at all, I could change how I saw myself.”

I think that’s pretty awesome. The sharks did not. They seemed to think that Jasmin was trying to deceive herself and others, and they gave the impression that the mirrors would deter people from actually taking active steps to be healthier.

Granted, Jasmin did reveal that a significant number of sales of the mirror have come from retail stores whose customers try on clothing in front of the mirrors. However, Jasmin insists upon putting the Skinny Mirror logo on the retail mirrors so customers aren’t deceived. I think that’s honorable.

But her main target are regular people like you and me. People who don’t always like what they see in the mirror. Regardless of whether or not we’re actively improving our lifestyle and eating habits, I think it’s pretty cool that we could look in the mirror before heading out on a date with our head held high. That confidence can go a long way.

Maybe I’m way off on this. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Skinny Mirror.