Which Airplane Seat Do You Prefer?

hqdefaultI’m a middle-seat guy.

Apparently that’s a rare preference–so much so that airline experts are actively discussing ideas of how to encourage people to choose the middle seat. As this Fast Company article noted, “[The middle seat is] inherently less comfortable, and a third of people on a plane will be stuck with it.”

When I was young, I enjoyed the window seat. Back then, flying was still a small miracle, as was the view from the heavens. Now I just want to close the window the reduce the glare. Plus, the slant of the plane provides less leg room for the window passenger.

As I grew older, I started preferring the aisle seat. More leg room, better view of what was happening on the plane, direct lane to the bathroom. But that also means that people are always climbing over you to go to the bathroom, and you live in fear of the drink cart bashing an adrift knee or elbow.

So one day I looked around and realized that the seat I had been looking for my whole life was right there in the middle. It doesn’t have the negative qualities of the other two seats, and there’s ample leg room. Plus, when you’re okay with the middle seat, you often have your pick of any seat on the plane. Every time I walk onto a Southwest flight, ALL of my favorite seats are available. It’s awesome.

I’m curious where you stand (or sit) in terms of seating preference–there’s a poll below to see which seat is the most popular.