Your Favorite Song Right This Second

weekndThis is a weird day to write a blog post. This morning I launched a new Kickstarter campaign, and it’s doing better than I ever imagined. It’s been my sole focus all day (I kind of even forgot to go to the bathroom for a few hours, which was a bad idea!), and I’m a little distracted. So I thought I’d write about something that has nothing to do with the campaign: music.

I have four songs I discovered lately that I really enjoy–they’re catchy in different ways:

The Weeknd was actually on SNL this past weekend, and something occurred to me, something that I haven’t ever given musicians credit for: How incredible is it that musicians can memorize such a vast number of songs? Not just the words, but also how to sing them on stage in front of thousands of people.

Like, imagine if I asked you right now to perform the oral report you gave in your junior year of high school. There’s no way you could do that. Granted, it’s different with musicians because they perform their songs all the time, but I bet they don’t perform ALL of their songs all the time, yet they seem to be able to start singing/playing any of them at any time. It’s amazing to me.

Anyway, it would be great to have a few song recommendations to play during my Kickstarter campaign. What’s your favorite song right now?