Just the Cats, Please

I just finished writing a long blog post on my company blog called “Just the Facts, Please,” I figured I’d mirror it with a considerably lighter post. 🙂

I often find Walter sunning himself by the window. It looks like an invitation to scratch his belly, but it’s a trap.
Ever since I got the standing desk, Biddy has either taken over the pad I stand on or the chair I used to sit on.
The cats have distinct areas in my office room–Biddy has the round table (Walter isn’t allowed there) and Walter has Blue Chair and the window perch (which Biddy claims sometimes if he’s feeling sassy).
This is my new favorite thing. A friend gave my cats this little cat cave, which Biddy loves. It has a little hole, and there’s always some part of Biddy sticking out of it as he naps (paw, foot, ear, etc).

What’s the cutest thing your pet or human child has done recently?

2 thoughts on “Just the Cats, Please”

  1. CATS!!! How cute! I live with two cats now and they let me pet their bellies! It’s a very weird feeling. So unnaturally soft. Unnatural in a sense that my arm should be bleeding by now, yet no blood and they don’t want me to stop the belly rubs.


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