Pet Please #123: Having the Exact Number of Items as the Maximum Allowed at the Grocery Store Checkout

IMG_4837Today I made a quick run to the grocery store. I had a pretty full mini-cart, but there were 3 open spots at the self-checkout.  So despite the signs warning me that there was a 20-item limit, I took the plunge.

As I scanned item after item, I was increasingly worried that I was going to exceed the maximum. I was pretty sure that as soon as I picked up my 21st item, a security guard would shut down the entire transaction, handcuff me to my mini-cart, and lead me over to full-service checkout lane.

But then a magical thing happened. My 20th item–a two-pack of Glide floss–was the last item in my cart. This was incredibly satisfying. So satisfying, in fact, that I took a photo.

Have you ever had the satisfaction of getting exactly the right number of items without even realizing it? Better yet, have you ever gone over by a few items? What happened? How many times were you tasered?