Supergirl: Two Episodes In

p11779285_b_v7_abA while ago I talked about how pumped up I was about the new Supergirl show. We’re now two episodes into the first season, and so far I’m really happy with the show.

I won’t go into details so as to avoid spoilers (though almost the entire first episode was spoiled by the trailer–there are no big secrets here), but the basic premise is that Supergirl decides to be Supergirl after not being Supergirl for most of her life. The tone of the show is almost that of a romantic comedy with some action.

It’s fun, plain and simple. It feels a lot like The Flash, which I love. And it’s well cast–Supergirl herself is very likable.

I only really have two gripes:

  1. Supergirl’s day-job boss is straight out of The Devil Wears Prada. She’s entertaining, but the businessman in me really doesn’t like to see CEOs on TV, movies, or real life who make their underlings cater to their every whim.
  2. The show opted to go with the same formula as pretty much every superhero show: There’s a new temporary villain every episode and one consistent villain, making it VERY episodic. Even though I’m sure we’ll see some interesting bad guys, I wish they had tried something a little different. To me, the most interesting thing about near-invincible superheroes are when they need to make hard decisions about normal (not supernatural) catastrophes.

Those are minor gripes. So far, the show is living up to my expectations, and I absolutely look forward to next week’s episode. Have you checked it out? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Supergirl: Two Episodes In”

  1. I’ve only seen the pilot so far and though I liked it, the characters and story, I’m not sure I want to see Supergirl being ‘beat-up’ every week, only to overcome the ‘challenge’ at each episode end. I’ll give it a couple more episodes before opting-in/out. Its funny because I didn’t mind Buffy being beat up every week, because she seemed prepared for the violent vampire slaying life, whereas Supergirl just seems much more innocent.

    • Rupert: I agree! That’s the “episodic” feel I was talking about. I like that she needs to overcome new challenges every week, but I don’t think they always have to be about her being beat up by a new bad guy before figuring out how to beat the bad guy. I guess they did do something different by having her go head to head with the big bad guy in week 2. Usually that doesn’t happen until much later.


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