The Animatronic Kitten Debate

Whenever I Facetime with my 2-year-old niece, the conversation goes like this:

Mom (showing the phone to Anna): That’s Uncle Jamey!

Jamey: Hi Anna!

Anna: Kitty cats?

The next few minutes involve me finding one of my cats, pointing the camera at him until Anna requests the other cat by name, then repeating the process. It’s pretty adorable.

I would love to someday get an actual cat for Anna, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen, as my sister has no interest in having a live cat in the house. BUT then I saw the next best thing on Amazon: an animatronic cat:


My question is: Do you think a 2-year-old would enjoy a cat that sits around and purrs, but otherwise does very little? That’s essentially what Walter does. The animatronic cat is marketed towards elderly people (maybe they don’t realize it’s not a live cat?)