Pet Please #124: YouTube’s Accelerate Feature

shutterstock_79093582-2Last Friday, I was getting ready to leave my condo for dinner (more ramen, of course). I realized, though, that I was actually a little early. I had about 6 minutes to spare, even if traffic was bad.

What could I do in 6 minutes? My inbox was clear, and I didn’t have anything to check or update. I did, however, have a YouTube video queued up in Chrome…but it was 12 minutes long.

That’s when I remembered a feature on YouTube that I’ve started using more often lately. If you click on the little gear at the bottom right of a video and select “Speed,” you’re given a number of options ranging from 0.25x (25% slower than normal) to 2x (200% faster than normal).

So I selected the 2x option and watched a 12-minute video in 6 minutes.


When I originally started using this feature, I found it hard to believe that I could consume the information at 1.5x or 2x speed. But somehow it just works. It probably doesn’t work for every video–if someone is already a fast talker or the images on the screen are really important, it wouldn’t be effective.

In fact, I wouldn’t use the feature for any comedic video, as timing in comedy is so important. But for non-visual TED talks or game reviews, it’s perfect.

Whenever I accelerate videos in this way, I feel like I’m using my time more effectively, which I love. And the biggest thing is the flexibility it offers. If I want to work out for 5 minutes or brush my teeth for 4 minutes, I can alter the speed of a video to fit that timeframe. I love it.

Have you ever tried this feature? If so, how and when do you use it?