Root Beer That’s Really Beer

IMG_4897I enjoy the taste of beer, but I love the taste of root beer. It’s kind of ridiculous that they’re both called “beer,” because they’re so different.

Apparently there’s a company who felt the same way, because they invented an alcoholic root beer called “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.” Obviously it’s amazing.

I had my first bottle of this wonderful elixir a few nights ago, and I was delighted to learn that it wasn’t a malt beverage like, say, Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I usually enjoy the first sip or two of those drinks, but they the saccharine syrup starts to stick to my throat, and I want nothing else to do with it.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is truly a beer…it’s just tastes like root beer. It certainly won’t replace root beer for me–while I don’t drink soda all that often, I drink alcohol far less often–but I’d like to keep a 6-pack in my fridge from now on so I can have a bottle from time to time.

Have you tried it anything like this?

14 thoughts on “Root Beer That’s Really Beer”

  1. I have tried this! Last time I was visiting family in WI I went searching for this. (I think you can only get it in the Midwest.) I liked the first few sips, but found it a bit too bitter after awhile. Not that surprising, since, like you, I’m not really a beer drinker. I prefer mine of the Root variety. In fact, I seek out new root beer anytime I’m somewhere new and keep a file in my phone commenting on all the ones I’ve tried.

      • Yes, my favorite is Hank’s. It’s out of Philadelphia. I also really like Sioux City and River City. My favorites all tend to be ones that are very well-balanced in the flavor of vanilla, molasses, sweetness, etc. I don’t like ones that are overly sweet (although of course ALL Root Beer is super sweet) or too vanilla-y which makes it closer to Cream soda.

  2. I tried it for the first time this summer at a media event in New York and LOVED it! It took forever for it to arrive here in the Quad Cities! I found cans a few months ago, but the bottles have finally (FINALLY) arrived! I was at a grocery store the other day and found not only the Root Beer but also their Ginger Ale product! I’ve been told there’s a bar here locally that has it on tap. Come on up the Mississippi and we’ll go have some!

    I’m anxious to see how the new Fitz Hard Root Beer compares.

    • Very impressive that they got into Red Robin! That’s great. I need to try their ginger ale too–I didn’t know that was a thing until someone mentioned it on Twitter today. And you have a bar that has it on tap?! And Fitz’s (based in St. Louis) is making their own?! This is the best day ever!

  3. Hey Jamey! The “Not your fathers” root beer is good. It’s also sweet. If you ever have the urge for a bit less sweet there’s also Coney Island brewings version. I have both in the beer fridge. Cheers!


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